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About IMPD Transparency

Aaron Bailey

IMPD Transparency is the work of several individuals working to hold the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) accountable and create systemic change in our policing systems. It is our hope that through this site, citizens will become more informed about the policies and protocols that IMPD follows as well as the time and location of critical meetings. This action is in direct response to the murder of Aaron Bailey. Aaron was a Father, Son, Uncle, church member and community volunteer. Aaron was shot four times through his back by two IMPD officers on June 29, 2017. Aaron was unarmed and had just wrecked his vehicle head on into a tree, deploying the air bags. The officers were not charged with any crime. As of today, they are still employed by IMPD.

We appreciate and need the help of the public to keep this site as up to date as possible. If you have video of an incident, please contact us to send that video to us. If you have information about a specific officer, we encourage you to send that to us as well. If you need help filing a complaint against any law enforcement officer, we are prepared to assist in that process.

We hope that through collective and coordinated efforts we can 1) expose areas in which IMPD needs to concentrate on immediate reform 2) offer solutions to the problems we witness and experience 3) create a climate where accountability and transparency triumph over fear and bias within the officers that police black and brown communities. While we know that nothing can bring Aaron back, we hope that this work will collectively help to end the senseless murder of people of color by officers of the law in the city of Indianapolis.