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File a Complaint

IMPD Transparency is a community organization that does NOT have the ability to process complaints against police officers. We CAN and WILL help people navigate the purposefully difficult and intimidating process of filing a complaint.

There are multiple police agencies that operate in Indianapolis: the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department; excluded cities’ police departments in Beech Grove, Lawrence, Southport, and Speedway; Indiana State Police; and university police including the IU Police Department at IUPUI and IU hospitals, Butler University Police, and Marian University Police. Please refer to the links for these different departments for information about them.

Complaints Against IMPD

Complaints against officers in IMPD are handled by the Citizens’ Police Complaint Office and are reviewed by the Citizens’ Police Complaint Board.

The Citizens’ Police Complaint Board has twelve members, including three non-voting police officers and nine voting members. All twelve members are appointed: one by the police union, four by the Mayor, and seven members are appointed by the City-County Council. The Complaint Board meets on the second Monday of the month at 6:00pm.

File A Complaint Online

If you need assistance filing a complaint against an officer or do not hear back within two weeks of submitting a complaint online, please contact IMPD Transparency for assistance.

IMPD Discipline

Discipline of officers is carried out according to policies established by the Police Merit Board, which has the sole power to fire officers and can overrule a recommendation from the Chief of Police to fire an officer.